To the essential

DSC_0841 h=103cm, polyester, 2007

DSC_0851 DSC_0829 DSC_0823 h=108cm, polyester, 2007

DSC_0804 h=93cm, polyester, ’07DSC_0812 fragment

DSC_0874 DSC_0872 DSC_0877

Beings, ink, acrylic on paper, 165x55cm, 2007

12.Milijana Istijanovic 4.being-70x40, 2006

13.Milijana Istijanovic 5.Being, 70x40, 2006 ink, acrylic on paper, 60×30, 2006

P1030740ink, acrylic on paper, 35×45, 2006

P1030744 ink, acrylic on paper, 35×30, 2006

6c)tuš na jutinom platnu,dim.a)60x38cm, cijena 100eura 5b)tuš na jutinom platnu,dim.a)60x38cm, cijena 100eura4a)tuš na jutinom platnu,dim.a)60x38cm, cijena 100eura 3tuš na jutinom platnu,dim.a)60x38cm, cijena 100eura

ink on jute canvas, 60x38cm, 2008

2tuš na jutinom platnu;h=60cm, cijena 100eura po radu

ink on jute canvas, h=60cm, 2008

11.h=38cm,kamen,cijena-4.000e   DSC09642

P1000729Self-portrait,h=32, stone, , 2007

??????????????????????????????? h=32cm, stone, 20068.kamen,h=32cm, cijena 600e ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????


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