Temporary Forever

“Temporary forever”- spatial intervention, 2013,

                                         Orožnova  7,  Maribor, Slovenia

 – is a site-specific intervention.

The work constitutes an intervention in the space, hollow relief on the wall  where physical presence of my own only slightly indicate in the space with female elements of colors and objects.

Private  space of abandoned flat  is used as medium to express personal poetic based on ordinary objects and  imaginary situations in terms of the concept of belonging and transitory. Resulting in imagery suggestive of intimity space of my own,  living, belonging and leaving.

Temporary forever

NISAM_Milijana_foto©Matjaz Wenzel_2013_08 NISAM_Milijana_foto©Matjaz Wenzel_2013_09

Temporary forever, site-specific intervention, hollow relief on the wall, 2013,

foto©Matjaz Wenzel_2013

developed in GuestRoomMaribor 2013


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