series Self Conception- drawings

I have started to materialize my self-perceptions, to study my portrait, set of lines, surface, soaked
lavir. My drawings were not just real images of my portrait but they become a psychological
study of static face. Each new drawing was my other Self.
During this process of self-creation, I have started from my own being, my face, my state of
mind, but always with an invisible and automatic wish to create portraits of all people, because
we all experience the same or similar state of mind. Static form includes inner concentration and
sense of self-perception. Drawing is a materialization of an imaginary world, evidence of
experienced reality, self-observation, self-love and self-hatred. Mirror-shadow reality, shadow

           cycle SELF CONCEPTION, charcoal on paper, 100x70cm, 2012. sajt  charcoal on paper, 100x70cm, 2012

32x50cm,c   charcoal on paper, 32x50cm, 2011


         21x30cm     charcoal on paper, 32×50, 2011

          IMG_4185charcoal on paper, 70×50, 2011



sajt6         4 - Copy ink, acrilyc, water, 100×70, 2012.


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