Displacement is a site-specific intervention exploring a meaning of home.

The space of gallery is used as medium to express  personal poetic based on ordinary objects, imaginary situations and memories in terms of the concept of belonging and transitory. The space is an integral part of visual expression which intends to transform perception of space relative to the viewer. The intention is to temporarily arrogate a gallery  space in order to displaces time, memories, place, situation and create a new place;  identify with the space where I am supposed to be.

A space  remembers our existence, symbolically, it represents as a negative- hollow relief on the wall. There is a record of existing in space. I observe myself, my own space and put it in another place.

The need for relocation and space change is a rudimentary thing in the process of Self-perception related to space you work and live in. Belonging to.






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Gallery Periscope Salzburg, Austria– site-specific intervention, hollow relief on the wall, with Andreas Andersson, 2013.


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